Add Custom Div inside Plot


Is there a way to add a custom Div inside bokeh plot ?

Do you mean next to a Bokeh plot? You can put a Div in any layout (e.g. row or column) next to a plot. If that’s not what you mean, then it is not clear what you are asking for, so please describe what you are trying to accomplish in more detail.

Hi Bryan,

I want to add custom Div like this as shown in the image marked in the Red box,

There is not currently any capability to add a Div inside or over a plot. The closest thing would be a Label

Thanks @Bryan

Hi @Bryan,

Could you share a code snippet for dynamic update of Label text on js callback, that is added in the graph plot.

It’s just like updating anything else in a CustomJS callback. You can pass the label in the args dict of a CustomJS and then in the code for the callback you can set any property you want, e.g label.text = new_value

JS callbacks are described in detail, with many examples, here:

Thanks for your help @Bryan