Adjusting display of values in CheckboxButtonGroup

I am using a CheckboxButtonGroup

INDICATORS = ["S&R", "Moving Averages", "Exponential MA", "RSI"]
indicatorsGroup = CheckboxButtonGroup(labels=INDICATORS, active=[])

It is displayed as follows:


As you can see the fourth button i.e. “RSI” is getting cutoff due to other layout on its right. I do not want to adjust the size of the layout on the right.
My question is: Is it possible to put “RSI” below “S&R” and maintain a grid of CheckboxButtons something like 3x3 WITHOUT creating a new CheckboxButtonGroup?

My last resort would be using a CheckboxGroup, however they look less intuitive than CheckboxButtonGroup so I am hoping someone knows how I can put “RSI” and more buttons on a new line.

I don’t believe this is presently possible. cc @mateusz in case here are workarounds that I am not aware of.

Hi Bryan,

What would you recommend in this case?
The reason I do not want to create a new CheckboxButtonGroup is that it will defeat the purpose of having a singular handler function which is what I am currently doing to manage the visibility of glyphs activated by clicking on the checkboxes.

One rudimentary solution that I can think of to overcome this is giving a name to my CheckboxButtonGroup

indicatorsGroup = CheckboxButtonGroup(labels=INDICATORS, active=[], name="group1")

But I am not sure if I can call the same handler function from two different CheckboxButtonGroup. And in case I can, how do I check which CheckboxButtonGroup called the handler function?

Currently, in the handler function I have:

if (0 in new and 0 not in old)

If I could modify it to

if (0 in new and 0 not in old and'group1')

I think that would solve my problem.

Do you have any recommendation for this? How to check for