Advice about how to deploy bokeh app


First, Thanks a lot for developing bokeh.

I love it, It is an amazing tool and you made it really easy for someone like me without a strong computer background.

I have created a bokeh app as per your website advice.

That bokeh app is using bokeh server and it is launched by typing : bokeh serve --show APP.

The app is consuming data through a local connection to an API that is user based.

I would like to deploy that APP to make it accessible to other users without having them replicating my environment set-up ( Python, bokeh, Pycharm…)

They should also be able to use it while consuming their own data locally through their API access.

They have no interest in accessing the code or replicating the environment but mainly in using the app by accessing it in a simpler way.

What is the best way to achieve that ? through a web integration in Django or Flask ?

Is there an easier way ?

Any direction/advice would be great.