Advice on callback chaining

Let me start by thanking you for this awesome framework! Bokeh allowed me to communicate complex ideas in a few hundred lines of Python and my users are loving it so thank you.

My app consists of a few sliders, a table, and a figure with non-trivial interactions. Changing the sliders updates the figure, which is straightforward. The table is more complicated. Changing one of its columns updates one slider (and indirectly the figure) while the other ones update the figure directly. I achieved that by attaching a single callback which updates the slider. I had to replace slider.value by slider.setv("value", x, {"check_eq": false}) to guarantee the figure would update even when the new slider value is equal to the old one (when user updates one of the columns that doesn't impact the slider).

Two questions:

- how likely is this API to make it into BokehJS 1.0?
- what more obvious approach would you recommend?