Advice on creating forms input

Something I’ve wondered for a while is how to make a multi-input form. So far, I have used widgets individually and reacted to their settings (eg dialogue boxes, pull-downs, sliders), but might like to allow setting a bunch of things at once and then hitting submit.

I noticed in the Theme Builder showcase the use of (external) ModelBuilder widgets. But that would be limited in terms of callback functionality.

I was wondering if the (a?) way of doing it is to have the desired collection of callbacks just set variables, and like the “Activate” button in the ThemeBuilder example, then update the layout based on those variables once the user decides to submit…


@richardxdubois maybe you can describe things more concretely? I am having a hard time imagining what is is that you are trying to accomplish. Having a bunch of widgets and an “Submit” button with a callback uses all the other widget values and does something seems straightforward without any obvious caveats or obstacles, but I think you asking for something more/different (I am just not sure what, exactly).

Hi Bryan… it seems like you’ve answered my question :slight_smile: I was wondering if that is the best way to do it. I don’t see any obstacles to doing it that way…

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