Any workaround or solution for GMap alignment issue (Bokeh 0.12.3)

the issue is described in . Any workarounds or suggestions would be much appreciated.

I believe i am seeing a similar/same issue. Here is what i am doing:

  • Have a world map with GMapPlot and some points marked on the map (i used circles for the points, identified by lat/long).
  • Now i added a slider, similar to .
  • As i move the slider the javascript code in CustomJS gets triggered and it filters our some points and does a source.trigger(‘change’). The new set of points do get plotted but they are several pixels off…so the locations now move from say continental US to the Pacific Ocean.
    So everything is working in the sense the points get included and excluded in the map exactly as i want just that the location gets messed up.

Any workarounds/solutions? I am using bokeh 0.12.3, python 3.5.2.