Bar charts label sort not working

I’m having problems using the label sort function. It just doesn’t work (see attached screenshot of part of my chart - most of it is hidden to preserve confidentiality)

from bokeh.charts import Bar

from bokeh.charts.attributes import ColorAttr, CatAttr

from import BarBuilder

source = ColumnDataSource(some_df)

p = Bar(df, values=‘value’,

fill_alpha=0.3, outline_line_alpha=0, line_color=‘white’, notebook=True, tools=False,

color=‘grey’, plot_width=450, plot_height=450, label=CatAttr(columns=[‘other_value’], sort=False))

p.legend.location = None

labels = LabelSet(x=‘other_value’, y=‘value’, text=‘value’, level=‘glyph’,

x_offset=-10, y_offset=0, source=source, render_mode=‘canvas’, text_font_size=“8pt”)

p.axis.minor_tick_in = 0

p.axis.minor_tick_out = 0

p.axis.major_tick_in = 0

p.axis.major_tick_out = 0

p.xgrid.grid_line_color = None

p.ygrid.grid_line_color = None

p.xaxis.axis_line_color = “white”

p.yaxis.visible = False