Bokeh 0.9: Can no longer explicitly define Text glyphs without column data sources

If I add a couple lines to to explicitly define a glyph like this:
glyph = Text(x=0, y=1, text=“hello world”, angle=0.3, text_color="#96deb3")



The text will come up as “NaN.”

Similarly, if I have a figure and try to add text via

myfig = figure()




,text = ‘Cluster Information’







I get the error
RuntimeError: Column name ‘Cluster Information’ does not appear in data source <bokeh.models.sources.ColumnDataSource object at 0x11610e190>


Basically, it’s looking for a ColumnDataSource, even though I haven’t told this to use one. This used to work in 0.82, why am I forced to use a ColumnDataSource in 0.9? Is there a workaround that doesn’t require me to build a bunch of ColumnDataSources manually?