Bokeh 2.3.0 in JupyterLab loading BokehJS 2.2.3

Hi! I decided to learn a bit more about Bokeh and thought I’d upgrade the package for good measure. I had Bokeh 2.2.3 installed previously and everything worked great, but after upgrading to 2.3.0 it doesn’t because (I imagine) is loading the wrong version of BokehJS.


What could be causing this? I tried restarting JupyterLab, running jupyter lab build, and disabling the browser cache. What’s particularly odd is that my browser appears to be loading - which should be the correct version (though I am a bit surprised that it’s loading software I have installed locally off the internet…)

I’m running Python 3.9 from on Windows 10 with JupyterLab 3.0.9, and installing everything with pip.

[I’ll go downgrade to Bokeh 2.2.3 now for the time being]