Bokeh and Flask Server with Apache

Hi there!

I’m new to Apache. Maybe this is why I could not get the job done.

My question is as follows:
Is there a way to accomplish a bokeh server within a flask app by apache?
I want to build a flask website served by apache and I want to show python-callback plots in that site not js callbacks.

Do you mean running a Flask app (plus Bokeh server app) behind Apache which is acting as a reverse proxy? I am not sure what you mean, if not. There are docs that describe a basic Apache reverse proxy setup here:

That would need some tweaking to add endpoints for the Flask app I imagine, but it’s a good place to start.

Yes, that is exactly what I mean. Thank you for your answer…

The problem is this: In the conf file I have alias for flask static folder. I tried to add a second alias for static of bokeh, it didn’t work.
I’ve tried many things. One of them was [this blog post]. But I cannot get nginx work because apache is listenning from port 80. (


I’ve formatted the server and build a CentOS7. And used nginx instead of apache. It is all working now.