[bokeh] Associate a renderer with a LegendItem but do not show it in the actual Legend


I don't think this is really going to be possible currently. I think it would require new development, either a generic hook on legend visibility events so that you could execute whatever CustomJS code you wanted (i.e. to mute some other glyphs yourself), or the addition of a specific property on legend item to support this. I'd encourage you to open a GitHub feature request issue.




On Mar 21, 2019, at 7:11 AM, [email protected] wrote:


I have some renderers for a data set, and some supporting renderers that point out particular features in the data. I would like to have a legend, that explains the main renderers, and has a click_policy that hides both, the main and the supporting renderers. Take this example:

plot = bokeh.plotting.Figure()
plot.line(x=[1,4,5], y=[2,4,2], legend='foo', line_color='blue') # Main renderer for 'foo'
plot.circle(x=[1,4,5], y=[2,4,2], legend='foo', line_color='blue') # Main renderer for 'foo'
plot.circle(x=[5], y=[2], legend='foo', line_color='red', line_width=3, size=8) # Supporting renderer for 'foo'

Can I somehow prevent the big red circle to show up in the legend-box, yet be affected by the click_policy? I would like to only have the blue lines and circles be shown next to the label 'foo' in the legend.

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