Bokeh - Circle figure - Muted fill color

Hello all,

found another feature which i dont know is correct or wrong. when I use mute for circle glymth and also hover tool with “Fill color” parameter then when I hover over muted glympth the “hover_fill_color” is still populated. See video.


from bokeh.plotting import show, figure
from bokeh.models import DataRange1d
from bokeh.models import CrosshairTool, Span
from bokeh.models import HoverTool
from bokeh.models import ColumnDataSource
from bokeh.models import Legend
import pandas

# Defaults
Figure_sizing_mode = "stretch_width"
X_Seris_Format = "linear"  
X_Series_Column = "TAH_Order" 

# ToolTip
ToolTip = [
    ("Category", "@Category"), 
    ("Date", "@TAH_Date{%F}"), 
    ("Max", "@Max_value{0.00}"),
    ("Min", "@Min_value{0.00}")]

ToolTip_Format = {
    "@Category": "numeral",
    "@TAH_Date": "datetime",
    "@Max_value": "numeral",
    "@Min_value": "numeral"}

# Data
Value_dict = {
    "TAH_Order": [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10],
    "TAH_Date": ["2023-06-01","2023-06-01","2023-06-02","2023-06-02","2023-06-03","2023-06-03","2023-06-04","2023-06-04","2023-06-05","2023-06-05"],
    "Category": ["CAT1","CAT1","CAT1","CAT1","CAT1","CAT1","CAT1","CAT1","CAT1","CAT1"],
    "Max_value": [44,11,29,32,29,43,49,35,29,50],
    "Min_value": [1,3,9,4,12,11,3,7,10,17]}
Value_df = pandas.DataFrame(data=Value_dict)
DataSource = ColumnDataSource(data = Value_df)

# Tools

# Hover Tool
Hover_Tool = HoverTool()
Hover_Tool.tooltips = ToolTip
Hover_Tool.muted_policy = "ignore"
Hover_Tool.formatters = ToolTip_Format
Hover_Tool.mode = "vline"

# Crosshair
Span_height = Span(dimension="height", line_dash="dashed", line_width=2, line_color="#878787")
Crosshair_Tool = CrosshairTool(overlay=Span_height)

# Inactive
Chart_Legend = Legend()
Chart_Legend.inactive_fill_color = "white"
Chart_Legend.inactive_fill_alpha = 0.7
Chart_Legend.click_policy = "mute"

# Chart
Chart = figure(sizing_mode = Figure_sizing_mode, height=Figure_height, toolbar_location="below", x_axis_type=X_Seris_Format)
Chart.add_layout(Chart_Legend, "right") 

# Chart - Lines
GS_Line_Max = Chart.line(x=Value_df["TAH_Order"], y=Value_df["Max_value"], line_width= 1, line_color = "red", line_join = "round", legend_label="Maximal", muted_alpha=0.2)
GS_Line_Min = Chart.line(x=Value_df["TAH_Order"], y=Value_df["Min_value"], line_width= 1, line_color = "green", line_join = "round", legend_label="Minimal", muted_alpha=0.2)

# Chart - Cycles --> ment to be in Hover Tool
GS_Cycles_Max =, x=X_Series_Column, y="Max_value", size=10, fill_color = "white", line_color="red", hover_fill_color="red", legend_label="Maximal", muted_alpha=0.2)
GS_Cycles_Min =, x=X_Series_Column, y="Min_value", size=10, fill_color = "white", line_color="green", hover_fill_color="green", legend_label="Minimal", muted_alpha=0.2)


Chart.hover.renderers = [GS_Cycles_Min]


Link to video: Bokeh Circle Fill color for muted - YouTube

can it be somehow changed to use differnet color or muted alpha?

Thank you


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