[bokeh] Copying script from autoload_server?

Hi Walter,

I haven't used autoload_server, but I'm guessing you also need the div
tag that the script targets.

bokeh.embed.components returns both a script and div tag, that I use all
the time for standalone (no bokeh-server) bokeh plots. I'm not sure if
they will return what you need for embedding a server plot, but it's
worth a try.


Sarah Bird


On 9/15/15 10:13 PM, Walter wrote:

Hi all,

I'm able to retrieve the <script> tag of an animated plot using
autoload_server. I've tried pasting the <script> tag into an html document
with some basic headers but nothing renders on the webpage.

The plot renders if I use the show command but I can't seem to generate
anything on my html document. Am I missing something?