[bokeh] How to suppress "BokehJS successfully loaded" message in a jupyter notebook?

Hi Pav,

Please make a minimal effort to consult docstrings and other documentation first. The answer is in the output of `help(output_notebook)` as well as in the reference guide:



Help on function output_notebook in module bokeh.io:

output_notebook(resources=None, verbose=False, hide_banner=False)
    Configure the default output state to generate output in
    Jupyter/IPython notebook cells when :func:`show` is called.
    If output_server() has also been called, the notebook cells
    are loaded from the configured server; otherwise, Bokeh pushes
    HTML to the notebook directly.
        resources (Resource, optional) :
            How and where to load BokehJS from (default: CDN)
        verbose (bool, optional) :
            whether to display detailed BokehJS banner (default: False)
        hide_banner (bool, optional):
            whether to hide the Bokeh banner (default: False)
    .. note::
        Generally, this should be called at the beginning of an interactive
        session or the top of a script.

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