Bokeh Meeting Minutes (4/13/16)

Bokeh Meeting Minutes

Apr 13, 2016

Attendees: Fabio, Bryan, Sarah, Brendan, Mateusz, Damian, Hunt

Status Updates:

  • Bryan:

  • working on some server issues including streaming and updating from non-locked threads

  • working on templates

  • Damian:

  • significant number of issues closed this week

  • Fabio:

  • working on box plot input issue which is close to complete related to un-used categories

  • legend sorting PR

  • Brendan:

  • added GeometryCollection to GeoJSONDataSource

  • testing Bokeh for upcoming build

  • Hunt:

  • Helping going through test matrix for dev build

  • Sarah:

  • wrote up the layout work in an issue #4167

  • Mateusz:

  • patching issues related to layout

  • working on interactive legend


  • Install chrome extension for zenhub support to github

  • Review Epics and zenhub pipeline

  • Brendan to kickoff dev build

  • Brendan to make server image example

  • Schedule 0.12.0 release date