Bokeh Meeting Minutes (5/11/16)

Bokeh Meeting Minutes

May 11th, 2016

Attendees: Bryan, Sarah, Damian, Brittian, Brendan, Fabio, Mateusz, Hunt

Discussion Topics:

  • PyData London went well

  • Staying with Travis CI but look to move over to Anaconda Build sometime in the future

  • 1.0 Release Schedule

  • Collateral materials (blog posts, examples, videos)

  • Closing in on list of 0.12 milestone

Status Updates:

  • Bryan

  • Busy with PyData London

  • Working on notebook and server PRs

  • Had some interesting conversions on use of notebooks and python widgets.

  • Brendan

  • working on client projects

  • going to submit PR for “ServerImage” class

  • Damian

  • working on Anaconda Server items

  • Fabio

  • Added new histogram stats

  • working on making holoviews work inside Excel

  • Brittian

  • working on persisting overlays

  • Luke

  • working on tile annotation

  • add feature to allow models to specific their own resources

  • Mateusz

  • working on JS/TS API

  • avoiding re-implementing Python Charts API

  • fixed some CSS issue on toolbar

  • Sarah

  • working on layouts and titles


  • Make an issue for integrating push_notebook with iPython widgets and possibly bridge Bokeh and iPython widget APIs

  • Make an issue for “initial plot load” callback.