[bokeh] Re: Gridplot two different plots


Please don't post images of code, they are usually not helpful. Often times, in order to help, people need to be able run or try out real code. Accordingly, please post code or code snippets as actual text.

From a brief look, though, your "left" and "right" plots are both configured with the same data source "source" and configure identical columns for the coordinates. Given that, I would expect them to be identical (except one with squares and the other with circles). If you want them to have different data, you need to configure them with different data sources, or at least different columns from the same data source.

The main and negmain functions do not appear interact or have anything to do with the Bokeh objects, so I would not expect them to do anything at all with respect to the plots.

Without more code (ideally, a complete minimal example that can be run) it's not really possible to say more.




On Jun 15, 2018, at 09:05, [email protected] wrote:

I'm trying to make show two different plots I created with Gridplot next to each other.
'left' is created by following main()
'right' is created by following negmain()
In the attached image I know why both plots, when executing the script, follow main()
But I need the 'right' plot to me created by negmain() and nog main()
is there anyway to visualize this with gridplot?

Op vrijdag 15 juni 2018 17:41:14 UTC+2 schreef Annika Dubb:
I have two different visualizations, both following their own def.
I'm capable of plotting those individually, but when combining them with gridplot, both visualizations follow the same def.
So, one visualization follows def main() and the other def negmain(), how would I combine those in a gridplot?

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