Bokeh server --show, but not with lynx!

i have a bokeh app which i launch with a script on multiple platforms using bokeh server --show. works great, except on one platform for which lynx is the only available browser, and of course bokeh fails miserably with that. is there a way i can configure bokeh to ignore that one particular browser? it’s not my machine on which lynx is installed, so i don’t have authority to just remove it. thanks!

Bokeh doesn’t actually do anything here directly, it just uses the Python stdlib webbrowser module:

webbrowser — Convenient web-browser controller — Python 3.12.0 documentation

Bokeh calls webbrowser.get with whatever value you configure as the BOKEH_BROWSER setting. If you don’t specify anything then Bokeh just calls which does whatever Python does by default (not really a Bokeh question or issue if that is not working).

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