[bokeh] Update/Add a figure in real time on bokeh server

To update something using the server change it’s property:

from bokeh.layouts import row
row_1 = row(children=[hist1, hist2])

Then later

row_1.children = [hist_1_new, hist_2_new]

However, I believe there's a bug where you can't update nested

children. So in your case of a column of rows, you may have a

It works in the notebook because it's completely re-rendering the

whole thing I believe.


On 8/8/16 2:16 PM,

[email protected]

      I am writing a program which visualizes a set of histograms

on bokeh and updates them in real time. I want to be able to
add/take away variables from the program which will cause
either additional histograms to appear or existing histograms
to disappear.

I’ve got the first part running using the command

session = push_session(curdoc())

to set up the server document and


      which causes the histograms to show up on a browser window.

As I update the data to the histograms they display on the
browser as I expected. However, when a new variable is
instantiated in the program and I need a new histogram to be
displayed. I’ve set the program to clear the display and show
the figures again so it calls


      However, this doesn't seem to work. It works on the

notebook if I use output_notebook and push_notebook() but
doesn’t work on the server. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing
wrong or give me an alternative way to do this?


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