Bokeh + wxPython on Windows: no mouse drag functionality?

Has anyone had success making a wxPython application using Bokeh in Windows that also has mouse dragging functionality (e.g., panning)?

I realize this isn’t explicitly a Bokeh issue… and it’s related to IE issues… but I’m stuck here. I suspect it’s related to ActiveX.

It was a struggle to get it working at all on Windows, but at last I think the only remaining issue is mouse drag functionality. My application can be found over on GitHub: DVHA Machine Learning Core

I’m afraid I don’t have any specific ideas offhand. Is it possible to see the JS console for wxPython HTML widgets? That would be my first suggestion, to see if Bokeh is reporting any errors. Otherwise I think tracking this down will necessarily involve building Bokeh locally with some extra JS logging added to the event handling codepaths.

Thanks Bryan for staying on top of these message boards. I did some searching, but was unable to find any information about the JS console in wxPython.

When I open the Bokeh static html file with IE directly, I get the security issue shown in the attached image. The web view works as expected after allowing the blocked content. So it seems like a user-specific OS setting. Unfortunately, I’m locked down quite a bit at work so I can’t change the security settings to see if wxPython respects them, I’ll reach out to some friends with new versions of Windows.

Thanks again.

A colleague of mine using Windows 10 (I’m on Windows 7) received no blocked content message when opening the Bokeh html file directly, but still had no mouse drag functionality within wxPython.

I’l post this over on the wxWidgets board and follow-up if I find a resolution.

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