Bokehh charts - Heatmap ranges

Dear beautiful people,

I am quite new to bokeh and was experimenting with its heat map, let’s say i need to represent my data which consist of 256 value using a heat map where each value has its own color (so every item with the same value should have the same color).

is that possible?

I mean I’ve been experimenting and bokeh is doing ranges for me such as the range between 24 - 47 has the same color and so on, but i wish to have a color for each value

I’ve been experimenting with palettes and some perform way better than others, for example Inferno256 is doing a good job but im not sure if i am approaching the problem in the correct way

is there a way to tell the chart/heat-map to display every value with a color or should i for example define a palette of 256 colors or something

any thoughts please ?

code example:

data = {‘fruit’: [1]*len(Data),

‘fruit_count’: Data,

‘sample’: list(range(1,len(Data)+1))}

hm = HeatMap(data, x=‘sample’, y=‘fruit’, values=‘fruit_count’, palette=bp.RdYlGn11 ,

title=‘Fruits’, stat=None)


Have a great day