BokehJS component default value not passing through?

I’m currently running bokeh(2.3.0.dev12), node( 14.15.5) and npm (6.14.11). i can’t figure out how to get the default value from Bokeh to pass into the component. please find below an isolated example:

from bokeh.plotting import curdoc

from import String
from bokeh.models import HTMLBox
from bokeh.util.compiler import TypeScript

CODE = """
import {HTMLBox, HTMLBoxView} from "models/layouts/html_box"

import * as p from "core/properties"

export class AlertBoxView extends HTMLBoxView {
  model: AlertBox

  render(): void {
    const { message } = this.model;
    console.log("@ render", message);
    this.el.innerHTML = `Message is: ${message}`;

export namespace AlertBox {
  export type Attrs = p.AttrsOf<Props>
  export type Props = HTMLBox.Props & {
    message: p.Property<string>
export interface AlertBox extends AlertBox.Attrs {}
export class AlertBox extends HTMLBox {
  properties: AlertBox.Props
  __view_type__: AlertBoxView
  constructor(attrs?: Partial<AlertBox.Attrs>) {
    console.log("@@@@ attrs are", attrs);
  static init_AlertBox(): void {
    this.prototype.default_view = AlertBoxView
    this.define<AlertBox.Props>(({String}) => ({
      message: [String],

class AlertBox(HTMLBox):
    __implementation__ = TypeScript(CODE)

    message = String(default="passing a default value!")

# Get a reference to the document we will be creating
doc = curdoc()

# Put the column into the document
    # message="This is a component processed"

The output in html is:
Message is: null

am i missing a step in configuring default values?
thanks in advance!

@anx I don’t actually see any obvious mistakes offhand. This might be a bug. Can you file a GitHub Issue with this code?

no problem. thanks!

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