CheckboxButtonGroup layout

Is it possible to edit the layout of a single CheckboxButtonGroup element? i.e. to display it over X rows / Y columns / grid structure etc.

I can see it displaying like that in this example which I cannot re-produce assuming due to version differences.


Hi @noamnav,

It’s almost always best to focus a support discussion with real code. Can you provide a minimal complete example of something you have tried?


Hi Bryan,

I’ve mainly searched the web for references for this one without success. Code would simply be something like:

from bokeh.models.widgets import CheckboxButtonGroup
from bokeh.layouts import widgetbox
from import show, output_notebook

bType = CheckboxButtonGroup(labels = ['aaa','bbb','ccc','ddd'], active = [])

show(widgetbox(bType, width=500))

However limiting the width does not derive a second row of buttons or any other change to the layout. I have also tried to play with the sizing mode, which did not deliver anything useful.

@noamnav I believe the current built-in checkbox group can only display a single row. Perhaps @mateusz can comment more, though.