Chinese font-style and background of the webpage

I am now trying to build a dashboard using bokeh. I have two troubles with this work: (1) changing the font of the Chinese text. (b) changing the color of the webpage,I mean not the figure itself, which has been defined in the theme. Would you please tell me how to address them?

A GlobalStyleSheet might work for setting page-level CSS attributes, but I am not entirely sure. Typically for control of the page you would define the page however you want in a Jinja2 template, then embed the Bokeh output in the template. You’ll probably need to go that route in any case, since Bokeh’s text-drawing calls to HTML canvas can only use fonts that are loaded on the page, and you will probably have to use a template to explicitly load any extra fonts that are not default in the browser to begin with.

But to really offer more specific advice we would need a complete Minimal Reproducible Example of the approach you have tried that was not working.

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