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Is there a way to suggest improvements to the official documentation of bokeh? Not sure if this is the right section to post this question.
I was going crazy to find a way to find a way to evoke NumericInput on_change callback without pressing enter, because the documentation of NumericInput.value say:

Change events are triggered whenever <enter> is pressed.

then it turned out that the callback is also invoked when the input widget is out-of-focus, which is what I was aiming at. It would have saved me time and effort if the documentations said:

Change events are triggered whenever <enter> is pressed or widget goes out of focus.


You could create an issue on the bokeh Github page here. And perhaps even coordinate with the bokeh devs in order for you to contribute the documentation update.

For something like this please make a GitHub Issue (or even just submit a small Pul Request to update things if you like).

Thanks for the reply,
I kinda expected this github issues and pull requests to be the primary method of doing that but thought I should keep it for more serious stuff.
I might try pull requests in the future.

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