Correct way to add refs in metadata for standalone examples issue no. #11765

I’m trying to contribute to the issue #11765 adding metadata to standalone examples, I want to know what is the correct way to add refs in the metadata.

I’m trying to add refs to this file:bokeh\examples\plotting\

Hi @Yash If you’ve already added the other metadata, please just open a Pull Request. It will be simpler / easier to offer help and pointers directly in PR comments there. Otherwise, which refs to add is largely up to discretion / judgment. Usually try to add 2-3 refs for whatever APIs seem mosts important in a given example. In the linked example, figure and vbar would probably be good. major_label_overrides would be good, except I don’t think there is an actual usable direct reference for it in the docs.

Thanks for the guidance, I will follow what you said and will create a pull request once I resolve the git line terminator issue.

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@Bryan Sir, I have opened a Pull Request, please review it and tell me how to improve the refs. Thank you.

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