Creating interactive bokeh plot with varying datasize.

Hi all,

I’m seeking some advice on how to approach the problem described in the title.

Create an interactive Bokeh application that I host and then HTML Iframe into my Sphinx site/webpage. (I have successfully done this with my first with my first plot, that gets data from a MongoDB server that contains interpolated data so the length of the ColumnDataSource’s does not change).


I want to create a similar looking plot/application where I can switch between the plots using widgets, but this time with data that has to be in different lengths.


  1. Can I make something where the widget updates which Figure that is showed/outputted?
  2. Is there a trick to using differently sized ColumnDataSources using the Streaming functionality?
  3. Other ideas?

I hope you can help me out on how to approach this.



Could you elaborate on what kind of plot are you making and which fields have different sizes? What is the issue with streaming?

I often use several “storage” sources to keep data of different sizes and a “fill” source attached to a plot, each storage source has a button that pushes its content to the “fill” source to change the plot. But that’s with standalone html documents, if you use a bokeh server and read from a database you don’t even need storage sources.