custom kill tool as action tool extension

Here below the custom action tool extension (KillTool) code to remove the graph (removal is executed by an associated Toggle python callback). Works perfect.


without success, I tried to change the tool icon to fontawesome “close” or “remove”

  • tried to import Fontawesome and set at the end of the script below

    icon: Fontawesome(‘remove’))


icon: "remove"
  • tried on python side to set KillTool(icon = FontAwesomeIcon(icon_name=‘remove’))

but ActionTool do not accept parameters

Seems that there is no way to set the icon of tools on the python side, did not see a corresponding attribute

Is that so ? maybe missing something obvious ? Any help appreciated. Thanks


from bokeh.models import Tool

JS_CODE = “”"

import * as p from “core/properties”

import {ActionTool, ActionToolView} from “models/tools/actions/action_tool”

export class KillToolView extends ActionToolView

doit: () ->

label =

g = Bokeh.documents[0]._all_models_by_name._dict["g_"+label]

b = Bokeh.documents[0]._all_models_by_name.dict["b"+label] = false

return null

export class KillTool extends ActionTool

default_view: KillToolView

type: “KillTool”

tool_name: “Kill”

icon: “bk-tool-icon-reset”


class KillTool(Tool):

__implementation__ = JS_CODE