Daterangeslider increment

Hi, I’m trying to use DateRangeSlider but am confused by the values of the step. I have a start date of 2017-01-07 00:00:00 so my starting timestamp is therefore 1483747200000. I have a step=1 so was expecting a one day increment or 86400000. However when I move the slider up by one day to 2017-01-08 I get a timestamp of 1483914403239 which is 2017-01-08 22:26:43.239 . I’m wondering if there is something fundamental about timestamps in Java that I don’t understand?

The ultimate representation of date times in Bokeh is “milliseconds since epoch” so a numerical value of 1 corresponds to a 1 millisecond step size. You can pass on a larger number, or alternatively, any standard time delta objects will be accepted too.

It’s possible the API here could be improved. The reasons why numerical values are handled this way for a Date slider are historical. But a Breaking change would have to wait until a new major release. Please feel free to open a GitHub issue to discuss any improvement that can be made (now or in the future).

Thanks, using step=86400000 works for me. I was thrown by the slider labels showing the correct date when using step=1.