Documentation/Questions for bokeh.server.django

Edit: Main question is what is the difference between autoload and document (from terms of how I can use them in the bokeh_apps variable (list of Routing)?


I’m currently working on a bokeh server + django project, and I came across the example located at django_embed, however there seems to be no documentation available for bokeh.server.django? I looked into the files and it looks like most things are marked as ‘Dev API’.

If this is the case, would you recommend instead following KokoAnalytics: BokehDjango? It looks like they launch the bokeh server separately and then use server_session.

I believe the advantage to the first example was that it used channels to create a websocket connection and be asynchronous. Could I still ‘wrap’ the second example around my own asynchronous setup? I’m rather new to all this and trying to get a handle on it.

Thanks so much!

cc @mateusz

Hey @mateusz please refer here, thanks!