Does AutoCompleteInput in 2.4.1 actually support full text search?


according to the release notes:

  • Support full text search for MultiChoice and auto complete input (#10525)

Is this actually working on AutoCompleteInput? I cannot find any configuration property in the documentation nor a reference to AutoCompleteInput.ts in the linked pull requests. In my tests, it still looks like it’s using the ‘startsWith’ logic.

Still uses ‘startsWith’: bokeh/autocomplete_input.ts at branch-2.4 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub


@Johannes The entry in the notes comes from the issue title, and the issue title came from a random user. If you actually read through the discussion though, or look at the associated PR, you will see the only resolution in that instance was to expose an option for the MulitChoice max search results to show. The issue probably should have been re-titled by a maintainer to reflect this, but like many OSS projects, there is too much work for too few people and little things fall through the cracks all the time.

The OP of the issue evidently found a described a solution for “includes” search for AutoComplete by manually editing bokeh.js, but then declined to make a PR (or even just a patch) for it. I take this as an explicit signal that the change is not actually that important have done after all. If you are interested in “includes” search for Autocomplete a new GitHub Issue would be appropriate.

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