Event when clicking on tool in toolbar

Hi all,

I’ve created a custom gesture tool as outlined in A new custom tool — Bokeh 2.4.2 Documentation . In order to get some additional input from the user to guide the operation of the tool, I would like to trigger a dialog window whenever the tool is activated from the toolbar. I was wondering how I can respond to this ‘event’. The only Event in bokeh.events that seems to respond to activating a tool in the toolbar seems to be bokeh.events.Reset. It is not clear to me how I might add a similar event myself to the activation of a custom gesture tool.

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Hi @D_VD

Your requirement seems related to this feature request on the bokeh GitHub site. As the feature request is still open, you might want to comment there in the hope that it gets assigned a specific release version for its planned implementation.


Thanks a lot for your comment. This does indeed seem to be the same issue.

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