Feature request: using add_tools() with shortcut names

This is a rather simple request, but it would be useful if you could also just pass the shortcut name string of a tool to plot.add_tools() (with plot being a figure object), instead of only being able to pass a Tool object. It’s not such a big difference, but it’s a bit shorter and you don’t have to import the specific tool.

Often I just want to add a tool to the default tools, so I don’t want to have to specify all the tools in the tool parameter of the figure.

Considering that it is possible when setting the tools parameter when creating the figure object, I assume most of the code to make this possible should be already in place.

Hi @bevoorrading This is a forum for help/support. For a feature request to be considered it needs to be submitted as a GitHub Issue.

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Thanks for mentioning the differenece. I will also keep it in mind next time.

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