GeoJSONDataSource - float formatting

My dataframe that is converted to json before being read as a GeoJSONDataSource has a column of float values (a result of a calculations performed on the other columns…), which I round to two decimal places. These values are passed to the hover tool so the user can see them easily.

Upon hovering om the different glyphs In the map, small values (<1.0) of these floats are shown in a mathematical form, so 0.09 is 9e-2. This is not very user friendly for the client so I would like to change that. A bit of investigation showed me that once the dataframe is converted to json, the value format is still e.g. 0.09, so it is the GeoJSONDataSource that is set to display these values as e-2.

Can anyone suggest if there is any way at all this can be changed?

Specifying formatting for hover tool fields is covered in the user’s guide

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Ah thanks, I was digging into the GeoJSON while actually it is a tool fields format issue, thanks!

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