Hover Tooltips with Multiline

Can someone please help me by looking at the code below? I am trying to get hover tooltips on multi_line(s). I can plot the lines and the hover color changes, but I can not get the tooltips to appear. filteredEnts is a column name in the original df. I know my multiLine is seeing edgeSource because it is successfully getting the xs and ys. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!! The attached screenshot shows the graph while hovering over one of the multi_lines. As you can see, it turns red, but no tooltips. Screenshot 2021-01-12 093304|690x477

edgeSource = ColumnDataSource(df)
		   ("index", "$index"),
fig = figure(plot_width=800, plot_height=800)

fig.multi_line(xs="Xs",ys="Ys",hover_line_color="red",source=edgeSource, selection_color='green')

fig.add_tools(HoverTool(tooltips=EDGE_TOOLTIPS, line_policy="interp"))



See the following Discourse topic. Hover tooltips are broken in bokeh 2.2.x.