Hovertool flickering when using with vbar

Attached is the video. Basically I’m drawing candle stick charts with segments and vbar on 1 figure and a bunch of indicators on couple of other figures. The problem is when adding tooltip to vbar in general: when hover on any vbar, other line/scatter flickers, but not OTHER VBAR in other figures. The code to add the tooltip is very simple

    def set_tooltips(fig, tooltips=(), vline=True, renderers=()):
        tooltips = list(tooltips)
        renderers = list(renderers)

        if is_datetime_index:
            formatters = {"@datetime": "datetime"}
            tooltips = [("Date", "@datetime{%c}")] + tooltips
            formatters = {}
            tooltips = [("#", "@index")] + tooltips
                mode="vline" if vline else "mouse",

I’m a new user so I can’t attach the video here, so sorry.

@wakandan1 I have bumped your trusts level, you should be able to upload a video now. However please note that in order to actually investigate, you will need to provide a complete Minimal Reproducible Example that we can run to see the problem firsthand.

Attached is the video:

Have not seen that before, so we would definitely need an MRE to run and directly investigate. Also, please always, always provide your specific version information with all questions.