How to embed bokeh figure to element with sizing control


We plan to display
bokeh figure on a dashboard which is draggable and resizable. We chose gridster as
the customer JS and create a customer layout but seems it did not work.

Frist, we tried to
create a figure and make it as a component, then embedded the script and div to
the dashboard

  • element. The display looked good but there was not any
    interaction between figures.

    Then, we added the
    figure using build_views function and appendChild function on JS. The
    interaction was OK, but the figure’s size was always did not align with his
    parent element which is a

  • required by JS grisdster.

    Is there any general solution
    about this scenario which is embedding bokeh figure into some html elements and
    make the figure’s size align with his parent’s size? Thanks in advance!