how to plot selected row of a datatable without having bokeh server on my computer

I have the following code and I want to have an interactive page that if someone select a row of the table the related plot of that row is plotted. The related plot is a corresponding dataframe and I don’t have bokeh server on my computer.

For example in the following code I initially show the table and the plot of the first row in the table. Then if the user select the second row of the table I want the plot to show the data related to the second table from df.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
from bokeh.models import
from bokeh.models.widgets import DataTable,TableColumn
from bokeh.plotting import
figure, output_file, show
from bokeh.layouts import

df= pd.DataFrame(np.array([[1, 2, 3], [1, 5, 6], [1, 8, 9],[2,4,4],[2,5,3],[2,9,2]]), columns=[‘id’, ‘x’, ‘y’])

source = ColumnDataSource(datasource)
Columns = [TableColumn(field=Ci, title=Ci) for Ci in datasource.columns]
table = DataTable(source=source, columns=Columns, width=2100, height=400)

fig1 = figure(plot_width=300, plot_height=300)‘x’, y=‘y’, size=10, source=ds1)
show(column(fig1, table))