How to resize a bokeh plot created from flask app?

How to resize a bokeh plot sent from a flask app ?
I would like to see a concrete example if someone has one.

That’s a pretty vague request that could cover at least a few different scenarios I can imagine. Can you be more specific about exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish?

You are right Bryan. Sorry about that lack of description of what I would like to code.

So using the Flask framework, I would like to produce a bokeh plot that is resizable.
Note that I have been able to code this using BokehJS but this time I would like to have this behavior from a flask app.

Reading the issue and, I have this code :

I don’t understand how to get the figure_view to be used with resize_layout() ?

Hi Brian,

Is my request to confuse ?
I am looking how to code this resize as explained in when a web page retrieves the plot to embed by calling Bokeh.embed.embed_item


@PBrockmann no confusion, there’s just more messages and correspondence than I can personally always keep up with. But that said, offhand I don’t know the answer. The layout system, and especially directly interacting with it from JS, is not my area of expertise. I would recommend trying to ping Mateusz to this topic, in the issue you linked.