Integrate dataprep.eda with a Bokeh interface

I would like to embed the plots generated by dataprep.eda into a custom Bokeh GUI. Since dataprep is based on Bokeh, I was wondering if there is a clean way to do it, despite dataprep generally outputs a pre-formatted report or pre-formatted mini-GUIs.

In the worst case, I was thinking of embedding the full HTML page generated by the reports, which can be saved to disk, inside a DIV element in Bokeh, just as explained here but it seems DIV cannot accept custom properties - please let me know if I should open a separate question for this.

Anyway, probably I should somehow force the DIV element to update by triggering some event or something if I want to be able to change the HTML document displayed by a DIV element.

Thanks a lot

Does dataprep.eda expose the underlying Bokeh objects? If so you can use any of the standard Bokeh export APIs on those objects: Exporting plots — Bokeh 2.3.0 Documentation

(Here I’m assuming “standalone” output and not Bokeh server applications, but that appears to be the case on the linked page.)