Intentional suppression of all PolyEditTool integration tests?

All of the test functions for the PolyEditTool’s integration tests are private: i.e. _test_something rather than test_something. See here.

As a result, when I try to run that test file with pytest:

pytest tests/integration/tools/

No tests are run.

I thought perhaps Bokeh had some custom plugin infrastructure to modify those methods somehow that I wasn’t loading. However, I haven’t been able to find any such code. Moreover, none of the similar integration tests for PolyDrawTool or PointDrawTool have private tests.

Additionally, all but one of the tests succeeds against the current release if I just make them public, suggesting that there isn’t such infrastructure. According to git blame these methods have been private since these tests were introduced in #8149

Are these tests supposed to be run, and if so, how exactly? I’m pretty confused by the apparent unconventional suppression.

(context: I’m trying to write regression tests for #10719)

Thanks in advance for your help!

@Philipp_Rudiger @mateusz do either of you know?

Looking through git history, it looks like they have been this way since their addition in 2018. Though they seem to actually work for the most part, though perhaps not terribly robustly given the heavy usage of sleep() to allow thigh to happen.

@mateusz I’ll leave enabling (fixing?) those tests to another PR then. Thanks for your help!