Interactive labels

I was exploring bokeh and after quick scan of the documentation have not found if something like this possible.
Is there a way to make interactive viewing of labels for linechart: so that they would be hidden by default but when you navigate and click on them at the html plot they would have a x:y coordinates label showing the point (that would stay there)?

@zhenia It’s not really clear what you are asking for. The part of your post about hiding things sounds like you mean existing interactive legends but I am not sure. There is not currently any “sticky” click label or tooltip built in, just the hover tooltip. You could potentially do something with a "tap" event handler, but you’d need to describe what you are after a but more clearly.

Sounds like this and maybe this

@pi-himik Ah, yeah, that’s it! Thanks for helping I am looking into it!

Sorry for the messy language, p-himik’s links seem to be what I need. Now I believe proper way to describe what I wanted is: " HoverTool tooltips stick to a point on click"