Is it possible to change color palette once the plot is generated?

I have created a bokeh figure using county data which is 200mb size. It took nearly 3 min to plot. Now I want to change color palette of figure after the plot is created. Is there a way to change color palette without creating plot again?

It’s definitely possible to change anything you want, however the details of how to do anything come down to the specifics of what you are actually doing (is it an image? a scatter plot? are you using a client side colormapper? or putting explicit colors in a data source?) So it’s not possible to suggest anything concrete without more information. In general, it is always advised to provide as much information as possible, especially sample code, when asking for help.

All that said, you should also consider whether plain Bokeh is the correct tool, at least by itself. Bokeh’s focus is high interactivity, and to support that, sends all the data to the browser. If you have 200MB of data, all fo that has to go to the browser, which is likely why it is taking so long. For data of this size you probably want to consider something like Datashader to render the data python side. Then higher level tools like Holoviews or hvplot can automatically (and efficiently) render datashader output in Bokeh documents (including interactively re-rendering).