Is it wrong to have multiple hbar glyphs within the same figure?


Am I doing something wrong if I have this in my bokeh plot:

p.hbar(y='ask_price', height=0.25, left='ask_order_start_time',
        right='ask_order_end_time', color='color', source=source_asks)

p.hbar(y='bid_price', height=0.25, left='bid_order_start_time',
        right='bid_order_end_time', color='color', source=source_bids)

Basically 2 different hbar glyphs reading from different data sources, existing inside the same figure.

It’s definitely fine to have multiple bar glyphs in the same plot, for example:

You haven’t actually told us anything at all about what’s going wrong, or stated in detail how results differ from expectations, or provided a complete Minimal Reproducible Example so that we might run the code and see for ourselves. So unfortunately there’s not enough information to speculate about what might be going awry in your specific situation.

Cool thanks! Yeah, it was working already, no errors whatsoever. Just wanted to check to make sure there are no unexpected behaviours or unnecessary renderings due to me using the API in a wrong way.

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