Large widgetbox crashes browser


first of all, I know, Bokeh is not build to develop webpages. For some reasons I try to display a lot of Paragraphs (more than 100) via a callback.

def iterateXML(xml):
global div_block

for r in xml.find('something', namespaces).findall('largedataset', namespaces):
    #div block
    div_block.append(Paragraph(text=r.find('nt:title[@language="en"]', namespaces).text))
    if r.find('largedata', namespaces) is not None:
        #find the links


Than I update my layout

spq_plat.layout.children[1] = widgetbox(children=div_block)


The browser (firefox) do not show the result until i stop the browser…
On console I see the right resultset (yes it has an end)

So, my question: Can bokeh handle this amount of datasets? If yes, where is my failure?

Thanks for support …