Local image disappears in gridplot

Hey community,

I am trying to add a local png picture to a gridplot. However, the image disappears when it is put into the gridplot, while using show() I am able to display the picture. See attachment for more information.

I can’t put more than 1 picture as I am new, but it works with show()

The code to import the picture looks as follows:

    first_figure = figure(x_range=(0, 500), y_range=(0, 500), plot_height=400, plot_width=400)
                           x=0, y=0, w=500, h=500, anchor="bottom_left")

The grid code looks as follow:

    tab1 = Panel(child=gridplot(children=[[main_plot1, first_figure],
                                                               [subplot1, None]]),
                 title='First team analysis')

I also tried using plot, but the result was the same: Able to display it with show(), but nothing appears when it is put into the grid.

I wanted to put reproducible code, but the file is too big, sorry for that :frowning:

It might be a bug but we absolutely need a Minimal Reproducible Example to be able to actually run and investigate. Please simplify your code to remove anything not necessary to demonstrate the issue, and if necessary, host it somewhere else and provide a link (also provide relevant version information).

Otherwise all I can suggest is look at your browser’s JavaScript console, in case any errors are reportedv there.

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