Lower part of plot lost when saving as .png

When I use ‘save’ tool the .png file generated is missing the lower part of the plot. I have tried changing plot size and shape, but that doesn’t help.

Would really welcome any suggestions, I’m building plots for science papers, and will definitely need high def png or jpeg to include in document, as well as the very cool html version.

Newbie to Bokeh, but loving it!

Many thanks,


Most likely you will need need to upgrade to bokeh 2.2. See https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/issues/10652 for reference.

@PennyL Just FYI for the future it is always advised to specify relevant versions in any help/support question.

Thanks for both replies.

I have followed the example in the link and see that I am using version 2.1.1.
I will go away and try to work out how to upgrade to version 2.2, and hopefully that will sort it out!