Making the hover-attributes show permanently in rbokeh interactive plot


Hello, the interactive nature of rbokeh plots are very helpful, yet is there a way to make the ‘hover’ attribute-labels appear permanently?

e.g. refer the code-below and the attached snapshot of the rbokeh plot.

Or is there a way to add some slider (for cluster number) which on tuning, would highlight on the plot, attribute-values of points belonging to the cluster.

( i.e. I want a set of points’s labels to be highlighted at same-time, instead of point-by-point hover)

q <- figure() %>%

ly_points(dim1, dim2, data = twitter,

color = clusterNo, glyph = clusterNo,

hover = list(screenNames, names,Inlinks,Outlinks))


(2) Another query is, what is the best way to deploy a publicly accessible rbokeh plot e.g. say I want to render rbokeh-plot using a fixed set of data, such that basic rbokeh interactive features are still intact, and also publicly accessible.

Thank you!