Minimal prebuilt extension example

(This is an example, not a question. However, since it’s a minimal example, I thought it might fit “community support” better than “showcase”)

The documentation on prebuilt extensions is a bit sparse, and it took me a while to figure out how to set up a working example. I thought sharing the example would be useful for others who also want to use a prebuilt extension. This repository contains the minimal prebuilt extension example, along with some notes that I did not find to be obvious when I was originally attempting to get the example working. It re-writes the “Wrapping a JavaScript library” example as a prebuilt extension.

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cc @Timo maybe we can figure out a place in the official docs or examples for this information

The extensions chapter could certainly use an update. @golmschenk, thank you for putting in the time to figure out all those details! Would you like to make a PR to update that section of the user guide? Writing documentation — Bokeh 2.4.0 Documentation has some information on how to get started with updating Bokeh’s docs, I’ll be happy to help you with anything you need!

@golmschenk The outdated dependency name in package.json (bokehjs instead of @bokeh/bokehjs) also sounds like something that could be updated. Would you mind opening an issue about that with Bokeh’s Issue tracker? Thanks!

Created an issue for the outdated dependency here.