More adaptive layout


I’m trying to come up with a temporary solution for the inflexibility of Bokeh models’ “sizing_mode” parameter.

In my particular case, I have 5 plots laid out in two columns and three rows - the last row has only one plot in the first column.

And I’d like to lay them out in such way so that each of the two top rows occupies 40% of the parent container’s height, and the leftmost column occupies 60% of the parent container’s width.

I’ve tried changing named plots’ sizes in the JS console, issuing plot.change.emit() afterward - but it did nothing.

I’ve tried to issue an RPC via a separate WS channel that I use for other needs of my application - it works, but UI for some reason takes only the previous value into account. I.e. when I maximize the window - plots shrink, and when I shrink the window - plots expand as if the window was maximized.

Is there anything else I could try?